Do you take commissions?

Yes, I take a variety of commissions from editorial illustration, commissioned artwork, logo design, print design, album artwork, and many more.  Please email: laura@lauart to discuss further.


Do you collaborate on projects?

Depending on the project and my time schedule. Please email me to discuss further:


Can I collect the artwork rather than have it shipped?

Yes, If you would prefer to pick up your purchases rather than have them in the post then email me at: for more details.


How large are the frames?

Please email me at if you have any questions regarding the products or frames


Do you have Instagram?

Yes, @LAURAELMCHUGH , feel free to follow for more updates


When will t-shirts be on sale?

Early 2017! I will announce on my social media when I launch the t-shirts so follow me for more updates :)


Do you ship outside of the UK?

Shipping costs are higher so I would have to look into it depending on the price. Please email me personally at: to discuss further


Can I hire you as a reportage artist at one of my events?

Yes, Please email me at: to discuss further.


Do you have any other artwork for sale that is not listed on this website?

If you have seen some of my artwork elsewhere online or in art galleries and wish to purchase originals or prints please email me at: to discuss further.